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Patient Information is Secure

Safety, Privacy, Compliance

With the cart's mobility, medications are immediately available to the nurse for administration. APS allows an order to be filled as needed at bedside, eliminating the waste of drugs. An order is not filled until it is dispensed, so drugs are not stocked per patient.

For safety, the technology automatically documents missed doses and uses photo identification to confirm patient information and drug dispensation. The system also displays drug images, if available, and alerts the user if a drug conflicts with the patient's allergies.

Patient Safety and Security

  • HIPPA, NPI, Compliant
  • HL7 Compatible
  • 128 Bit encryption
  • Internal access limited to authorized personnel

Why use APS?

  • Reduces drug waste.
  • Improves accountability and patient safety.
  • Documents medication administration and dispense time with one-click, electronic signature.
  • Selects medication in cart based on the residents' current medication profiles.
  • Enforces required documentation on PRN medications (need and result of drug).